When You Should Use a Lever Belt

Just what is a Titan Brand Lever Belt?

If you have been into cross fit, power lifting, or weight lifting, chances are you have come across a lever belt at least once or twice. Lever belts are the Titan twist on the traditional weight belt. Weight belts have been used by power lifters for dozens of years to help protect and strengthen the lower back while performing max rep exercises such as dead lifts.

A Titan Brand Level Belt works by giving your lower back this same support. Support in the lower back is super important for performing max range lifts such as dead lifts, because without the added support a person could compromise their form and end up injuring the lower back area. In fact, when done correctly, strength training has been shown to alleviate back pain in about 80% of people who suffer from lower back pain. That is a pretty incredible number!

Getting out and lifting should be a no brainer. Not only does it alleviate back pain, weight lifting can also help cut down on body fat (which has a host of benefits, including lower blood pressure, decreased risk for heart disease, and many more), increase confidence, boost your mood, and many other things. With all of these benefits in place, a training belt can help in two ways. Titan brand lever belt is good for both new powerlifting to help novices stay safe while learning proper technique and strengthening the supporting muscles. A Titan brand lever belt is also good for advanced weight lifters who are trying to break new PRs and want that extra support to protect their lower back.

When to use a Lever Belt

While titan brand lever belts are a great tool, they are just that: a tool. Each tool has it’s intended uses and also has situations in which it should not be used. For example, there is no reason to wear a training belt while doing pull ups. This would be like using wrist wraps to do sit ups, the tool just doesn’t match the exercise. So here are some of the most important exercises to consider using a titan brand lever belt:

-Back Squats and Front Squats: Squats are often hailed as the king of leg exercises, and for good reason. While performing a squat, nearly every muscle from your torso down is engaged and firing – including your lower back. In a front or back squat, it is important to keep your lower back in the correct position. If your lower back is weak, it will start rounding and compromise your form. When the form of a squat is compromised under the pressure of weight, it can cause a host of issues. Titan brand lever belts are great for supporting your lower back through a squat.

-Dead lifts: If squats are the king of leg day, dead lifts are the champion fighter. In addition to working many of the same muscle groups that squats do, dead lifts engage the forearms, shoulders, triceps, traps, and upper back muscles. Because the lower back is a so close the the crucial “hinge” point in a dead lift, it is common to see new weight lifters rounding the lower back and setting themselves up for injury. Weight lifting belts are great tools for supporting your dead lift.

-Barbell bent rows: Barbell bent rows, while traditionally performed with much less weight than a squat or a dead lift, can put incredible strain and tension on the lower back. Using a training belt can help support your lower back through these exercises, allowing you to focus on the crucial movement of pulling through your upper back.


While there are other exercises that could benefit from using a titan brand lever belt, these are some of the most common ones. Keep training, keep pushing. Become Titan Strong.


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