Wrap It Up: 3 Types Of Wrist Wraps Explained

Powerlifting is more of a way of life than a sport. People who join its ranks are interested in more than just building muscle; they want to be as strong as possible, and to push their bodies as far as they can go. Unfortunately, the human body can only do so much on its own. No matter how hard you practice and how much you focus, you’ll eventually plateau.

This is why serious powerlifters rely on powerlifting accessories and gear; not only do they make deadlifts and bench presses safer, but they offer support that gives your body the opportunity to do more than it could on its own. Titan wrist wraps (and wrist wraps in general) allow you to focus on strengthening weaker muscles without worrying about your grip failing. Let’s take a look at the three types of wrist wraps available.

  • Loop Straps: These are most likely what you picture when you think of wrist wraps. They’re the easiest variation to find and come in multiple lengths and materials, including cloth and leather. They allow for a secure fit around your wrist, but can be tough to wrap around the bar. At the same time, the extra material can get in the way and make it harder to bail out of a failed lift.
  • Speed Straps/Olympic Straps: These closed loop wraps are quick and easy to attach to the bar, as well as provide an easier bail-out if needed. On the downside, less material means a less secure grip, and you are unable to adjust their tightness.
  • Hook Straps: Hook straps don’t need to be wrapped and a standard bar tends to sit comfortably within the hooks. Unfortunately, you’re also unable to squeeze the bar tightly in your hands, which could negatively impact your technique. They also don’t fit around many specialty bars.

It should be noted that powerlifting is not entirely about power. With a number of health benefits — such as the 31% decrease in the risk of death from any cause –, you don’t want to chance incurring an injury during your workout. By wearing wrist straps, you can push yourself harder, become healthier, and protect yourself.

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