Product Review: KLA4000 Wrist Wraps

There seems to be a million types of wrist wraps.  They come in different sizes, stiffness and color in the rainbow.  This review isn’t about all those other wraps. This review is for the top of the food chain in wrist wraps.  These are your “In case of emergency, break glass” wraps.  The Anderson Powerlifting KLA 4000s 36 inch wrist wraps often fly under the radar in the fitness industry.  However, not only are they best made and best performing but are also the greatest value in the game.

As my wife was closing in on a 500 lbs bench, I was personally handling weights in training over 700 lbs.  I was having problems with my wrists as the weight began to climb.  Rae-Ann then dumped 520 lbs on her chest when her wrist gave out.  We were in need of a wrap that would give us maximum support.  I shopped around, asking other lifters what they used.  I tried plenty of other high end stiff wrist wraps.  Our training partner, Tom Schmidt had a pair of Anderson KLA 4000s he recommended to us.  Just picking them up I could feel the difference between them and all the others. I tried them on and they were super stiff like a cast.  I took a weight in the mid 600’s to a three board.  They felt good but not perfect.  My next set of over 700 lbs, Tom wrapped my wrists for me.  Immediately I felt the difference.  There was total support and zero wrist movement.  I was sold.

Later that week I visited Andersonpowerlifting.com and was shocked at the price of KLA4000s.  Every other “top brand” was forty five dollars and up.  A pair of KLA 4000s thirty six inch wrist wraps were twenty four dollars.  Half the price of inferior other wraps.  I ordered them and amazingly they arrived approximately forty eight hours safely in my mailbox.

I have had these wraps for almost four years.  My wife and I both share them.  They are still as stiff as when I took them out of the package.  The velcro has never failed for either of us.  Every stitch on the thumb loop is still intact with no signs of wear from our big lifts.  Basically, If you take care of these wraps, they will take care of you.  These wraps were worn on the all-time heaviest single ply bench press in women’s history, five hundred and twenty pounds.  They were also worn by the heaviest female bench press by a master lifter, five hundred and twenty five pounds.  So if you are big game hunting skip all the other wraps and buy the best.  Buy the KLA4000s.


written by Jeff Miller

KLA 4000
Rae-Ann Miller in Evil Twin bench shirt and KLA 4000 wrist wraps from Anderson Powerlifting.
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