The DL On Deadlifting Socks

Powerlifting is a somewhat versatile sport. Though there are strict rules in place for the lifts (for both health and strength-building purposes), you have three options when it comes to choice: squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. Each form offers its own unique benefits and health bonuses, and comes (or is recommended to come) with particular powerlifting gear.

When it comes to deadlifting, the cleverly named deadlift socks offer protection and support at once. Wearing shoes, though they protect your toes from the dangers of hundreds of pounds of weights, is not always beneficial in terms of strength building. Consider the heel, no matter how small, that sneakers provide: they force your body to rely on that support by leaning back — which is not desirable in deadlifts — and prevent your feet from getting as strong and powerful as possible. That can have a big impact on your stability and balance, which translates to a big difference in the amount of weight you can safely lift.

Remove the heel, and you’ll see and feel an immediate change: your body pitches forward a little bit to compensate for the slight modification in height, and you’re able to confidently “feel the ground” with no barrier between your bare feet and the solid floor. The result is a more secure and substantial base from which to start your lift. However, taking your shoes off and wandering around a gym barefoot can be weird at best and disgusting at worst; deadlift socks and powerlifting socks spare you from such a fate.

In addition to providing a thin yet comfortable layer between bare skin and solid ground, powerlifting socks offer physical protection. Provided you purchase socks that rise above your shins (which we highly recommend), your risk of cuts, bruises, and slices from the deadlift bar is immediately reduced.

Powerlifting offers a variety of physical boons. Not only can two weight training sessions a week reduce body fat by 7%, but the movement and strength building associated with such intensive workouts acts like lotion on your body’s more than 650 muscles; with the proper attention and dedication, you will be able to stay strong and flexible long after people your own age start slowing down. With the right gear (powerlifting socks included), you’ll be unstoppable! Buy Deadlifting socks here!

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